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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a SASE?

    An SASE is a stamped, self-addressed envelope.
  2. Please tell me the first names of the surname listed in the cemetery book indexes?

    The indexes in our cemetery books do not include the first names in order to save printing space. Detailed information will be provided when a request research form is received. We are working to create full name indexes and will post those when complete.
  3. Will you find an obituary for my relative who died in 1980? (example of a typical question)

    We need to know the exact or approximate date of death in order to find an obituary. Our obituary collection includes our local newspaper, Fargo Forum, obituaries from 1975 to the present date.
  4. Do you have birth, marriage, and death certificates in your library?

    Our collection doesn't include these certificates. You will have to purchase these copies from the vital records department in the state in which the event occurred.
  5. What are Pioneer Certificates?

    Please click on the Pioneer Certificate button for a complete explanation.
  6. What kind of genealogical research will RRVGS do?

    Please go to our Specialized Research page for a list.

Questions or comments? Feel free to email us at: rrvgs@fargocity.com

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